Advertisements D1m's IT security blog. Our Brazilian friends of Zone-H. RSnake's and id's web application security blog. RSnake's and id's web application security forum. kuza55's web security related blog. Sid's homepage. Author of  the "XSS Assistant" script for the Greasemonkey Firefox extension. It allows submitting of XSS vulnerabilities to our archive. Home of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a worldwide free and open community focused on improving the security of application software. There are OWASP chapters all over the world. Home of the famous ICT security conference. Also one of the best ICT security forums on the web. Features comprehensive hand picked links to ICT security news articles updated daily. Check out the security related news feeds console. A huge portal providing up to date ICT security related information and material. Considered as one of the largest hacking and security communities on the web. Langy's home. All things related to Google's web application security and other. Most content is in Italian. Russ McRee's website and blog, dedicated to sharing information security content and resources in an open, clear manner. IT Solutions Knowledge Base is a fast-growing online information service. It aims to provide information about subjects, solutions and walkthroughs related to IT managing software and operating systems. The three main featured subjects are split into Microsoft Solutions, Linux Solutions and Security Solutions.

This site has been created by p3lo and Xylitol in order  to present old and new attack vectors around xss, redirects, csrf and clickjacking exploitation. is a development organization based on GNU/Linux systems that provides free projects and source codes. Spanish ICT security forum. Chinese vulnerability and exploit database.
IE8 Security Part IV: The XSS Filter Microsoft's David Ross explaining the reflected XSS filter for Internet Explorer 8.
Browser Security Handbook P1, P2, P3 A very useful reference handbook written and maintained by Google's Michal Zalewski,covering the key security properties of contemporary web browsers.






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